In the event something goes wrong on a modern vehicle there a good chance one of the electronic systems on board will detect & register a fault, this fault is brought to the drivers attention via a warning light

  • ABS anti lock braking
  • SRS supplementary restraint system (air bag)
  • Check Engine
  • ESP electronic stability program
  • 4WS four wheel steering

This is to name but a few; it is in this area Automasters has earned a reputation as leader in diagnosis & repair of your vehicles electronically controlled systems, with a range of different scan tools to talk with computers on all makes & models.

New replacement computer & electronic components can in most cases be very expensive. We can sometimes provide quality alternative by repairing or remanufacture your cars orginal computer.
Dirty injectors can cause hard starting, rough idle, poor performance & high fuel consumption. It is recommended at approximately 60,000km injectors should be cleaned. Our Asnu injector test bench with ultrasonic bath is able to clean, leak test, flow test & check spray patterns of petrol injectors.
Automasters is one of the few workshops capable of fault diagnosis, repair & servicing of Bosch K & KE Jetronic fuel injection system, Its technicians are trained by Bosch & are supported with all service info required, Automasters are also able to supply hard to get new of remanufactured parts.
  • Suziki-1
  • Workshop-1

  • Diagnosis

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